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After reselling electronics in 2020, we found that the reselling process was highly inefficient. Even with existing cross-listing tools, we had to spend hours each week creating and managing our listings. We knew there had to be a better way to run our business, and thus. Autolist AI was born. Currently, we are in private beta, but are quickly onboarding resellers on our mission to automate the entire selling experience.

Meet the team

Mayank Makwana

Mayank is a software engineer and has been building tech products for over a decade at companies like Lyft. He started reselling electronics in 2020 during COVID and decided to start Autolist AI after he was frustrated with his reselling process.

Neek Zanfack

Neek is a designer with 6+ years of experience in designing software products at companies like Nextdoor. He started Autolist AI with the aim of helping resellers improve their sales after he learned the challenges of reselling clothes during COVID.

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